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Colonel Montague Kitchen-Sink (Retired) January 22nd 04 08:55 PM

Suggested enhancements to Pace Twin Freeview PVR

Pace could do well to map VideoPlus codes to the DTT channels.

I know this was established in old analogue days, but the Radio Times now
publishes VideoPlus codes for BBC3, BBC4, ITV2, FTN, UK History etc.

I don't know of any Freeview equipment which incorporates VideoPlus
functionality and would provide a useful alternative to the long-promised
seven day EPG.

Doubtless, this might push-up the price a tad, as Pace would have to
pay royalties to Gemstar who own the VideoPlus patents.

Sadly, PDC is a non-starter as that is an analogue telextext based system;
and OnDigital omitted a similar auto-start/stop feature from their
original DTT specification. Even so, isn't it about time a new Digital-PDC
feature were introduced for use in the new generation of DTT PVRs.
Would this be down to Ofcom to require an enhanced specification
for the broadcasters to implement on their DTT signals ?

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