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Default Rigger's Diary - whoops!

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Dom Robinson wrote:

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ojunk says...
I'm in the process of installing a new TV/SAT/CCTV system in a block of
private flats. The agent gave me a list of addresses, names, and phone
numbers. Some of the flats are in the name of the owner but in fact are
occupied by a tenant. I went round door knocking, to check up on exactly
where all the TV sets were, and the agent asked me to check and update
the name/phone number list at the same time. At one flat a young bloke
let me in and I looked at my list and said
to the young lady on the settee, "So you are Ms Tracey Brown?" She leapt
up and yelled at the bloke "Who the Hell is Tracey Brown!?" On the way
out the bloke mouthed at me "Thanks mate!"

So, he didn't invite you for a cool, sharp Harp?

(hailing back to an old advert)

I am annoyingly close to remembering the advert, could you push me far
enough to get it?

After the faux pas, the phrase
"Time for a sharp exit... time for a cool, sharp Harp."

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