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Default Getting new Sky card for up-front fee?

Cant you just phone the BBC and get a free view card for Sky? I got one a
few months ago for free. I`ve got the number somewhere..

"Phillip" wrote in message
Having an old-style card that is apparently about to expire, I
contacted Sky to see if there is any way I could get a new one without
subscribing to packages I do not need (I really just want Five, which
I can't get via terrestrial or Freeview). They suggested that if I
registered with Red Hot, I might be able to get a card for a one off
registration fee (this would enable me to use their pay-per-night
service were I to want it). I phoned Red Hot, who did not know
anything about it, and suggested I double check with Sky. I did that
and the second Sky operator said that I had to subscribe to a Sky
package to get a card, regardless of whether I was registered with Red
Hot. Does anyone have any idea if there is anyone else one can
register with for an up-front fee to get a new card without having to
subscribe to an expensive Sky package?