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Default Sky Box and s-video

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003 18:20:01 +0100, "Adrian \(CatMan\)"

Jomtien wrote:
Walt Davidson wrote:

Given that the digibox is supplied with a scart and that the Sky
engineers are supposed to set it up at installation I doubt that
very much.

ROTFL!!!!! The Sky engineer took one look at my VCR, DVD player and
2 other satellite boxes ... and promptly set up the Sky box to work
through the aerial lead to the TV.

There is no doubt that some installers will do a bad job. I suspect
that most will get the scart connections right, even if they also make
the usual superfluous RF connection.

There is no doubt that most installers will leave the default digibox
setting of composite video rather than RGB. When I was working as a retuner
for channel five, I was amazed how many nicam VCRs, including S-VHS, that
were connected solely via RF.

Taking a limited sample of the two installations I've had (Original
installation + a subsequent Sky+ installation), plus the two
installations my brother has had (ditto), with 4 different installers,
they've ballsed it up 3 out of 4 times.

My brother had his Sky+ installed today (after the guy who arrived a
couple of weeks ago to do it refused to go whether the original
installer had set up the dish).

He's got someone coming back tomorrow to give him back all the
terrestrial channels he lost during today's install because of the way
it was wired up.