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Default Digi-sender to a PC?

On Tue, 08 Jul 2003 11:06:06 +0100, SK

bigbrian wrote:

Having recently acquired a new graphics card for my PC, with the
facility to watch TV from my office (whoo whoo), I was wondering
whether I can extend this and actually get the Sky fed to it as well,
without cabling it across the house. At the moment, I'm using a
portable TV aerial and getting terrestrial only.

I'm aware of the digi sender thingies you can get that will allow you
to send the Sky to a remote TV, and was wondering whether its possible
to send it to a TV monitor instead, and whether any one here had any
success in doing it? If so, what particular kit did you use?

I do this. I have a VCR(to plug the scart into) between the Video
sender and the VideoIn on the TV card.

Just to clarify this then, you have the VCR plugged into the TV card,
the video receiver (?) connected to the VCR via a scart, and the video
sender connected to the Sky box? (how.....I'm fresh out of Scart
connections on the Sky box). Or is to connected to the TV? (I'm out of
Scart connections there too!)

Also make and model info on the sender/receiver kit would be