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Default Sky subscription - FTA Saga

In article , "Adrian \(CatMan\)"
Rob Taylor wrote:

Having thought about this a bit more since the call with Sky (I was a
bit miffed at them telling me it wasn't possible), it would not be
such a bad thing to get a new box. Of course I would have to take a
min term 12 month contract, but the really annoying part is the need
for installation. I assume that that they would want to come to the
house and remove my existing dish and cableing. It just seems a lot of
work when it could be so easy! I'll give them another call and see if
I can get any more joy out of them.


When the installer arrives and sees you already have a dish, I'm sure he'll
be quite happy for you to sign his work sheet to say you're happy with his
work and go on his way.

Does that mean HE gets the free dish?

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