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Default iPlayer downloads now only being offered in sd1?

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If you do discover a 'magic incantation' to d/l 1280 by 720, whether
or 50 fps, please let us all know. :-)

I've continued to use --modes=hvfhd and this worked a day or two ago
But it is HLS, so I am wondering if it might cease *if* the BBC have
decided to weed out HLS. And I am using an old version of gip, so the
current version may be different in some way.

For me the snag is that I don't *want* 50fps, but 25fps. So I'm
watching the current gip list discussions on frame rate conversions.
The anoyance their if if we have to fetch 50fps and files twice the
size we want, and then spend time having to convert them. PITA^2.

Ditto the above for me too.

Why is it that iPlayer uses various unusual resolutions, rather than
704x576 for SD and 1920x1080 for HD, as for broadcast TV?

960x540 is logical: half HD in both dimensions

It didn't occur to me until recently that this 'weird' choice of
resolution was, in hindsight, just that. Now it seems obvious that 960 by
540 is one of the Beeb's chosen SD formats to be upscaled to 704/720 by
576 for DVB-T SD broadcasts. Now that I understand this, I no longer
waste time dithering between an SD recording and a 960 by 540 iPlayer
download. Despite the apparently slightly lower vertical resolution of
the sd1 iPlayer download, it still remains the slightly better quality
option simply due to the elimination of the upscaling process used to
present it as a 704/720 by 576 SD broadcast.

1280x720 is the native resolution of a lot of older flat-screen TVs and
an intermediate standard between SD and HD.

It's a nice compromise between full HD quality and the storage space
otherwise consumed by a full HD recording.

But where does 832x468 come from? That's not a simple fraction of either
HD or SD.

That's a new one on me. I've only ever seen 1280 by 720 or 960 by 540
iplayer downloads. Red Button, maybe? I've recorded the odd RB broadcast
and that seems about right for the reduced screen resolution typical of
RB sourced video. I'd check but ICBA right now to go searching... Oh,

No, sorry, the only RB recordings I could locate were a couple of 6Music
Kraftwerk outdoor concert tracks recorded back in July 2013 which are in
720 by 576. I have a sneaky feeling I may have upscaled them with
Handbrake but I'm not entirely sure about this. Never mind, it was a
rare pleasure to watch and listen to their "Robots" track being
performed 'Live'. :-)

Johnny B Good