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Default iPlayer downloads now only being offered in sd1?

Foregive my ignorance but I have been following this thread and still wonder what you folk are downloading and storing this stuff for.

What is a gip? What is a gippo? I spotted this " Unless I am actually missing a trick or two, Gip users seem to be totally reliant on iPlayer's munificence in the matter of programme download quality. If the Gippos running the iPlayer concession stand don't want to offer hlshd1, then there's not much Gip can do about it"

Maybe it's a secret. If so then feel free to keep it to yourselves. I have discovered a whole new world with Terrarium where I can look up and view almost every reasonable movie made in the last forty years, instantly and for free. It has tranformed both our tv and cinema life. If I want to see The Godfather in HDTV without the sound of popcorn I can do it NOW without even taking off my carpet slippers !!

Are you part of this system? I am fascinated. I download and store stuff every day with my Humax but, once I have watched it, I junk it. My 'stuff' looks like HDTV. iPlayer I only use when I have missed something for my Humax..

Am I missing out on a whole new world?

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