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Default iPlayer downloads now only being offered in sd1?

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In article , Johnny B Good

If you do discover a 'magic incantation' to d/l 1280 by 720, whether 25
or 50 fps, please let us all know. :-)

I've continued to use --modes=hvfhd and this worked a day or two ago OK.
But it is HLS, so I am wondering if it might cease *if* the BBC have
decided to weed out HLS. And I am using an old version of gip, so the
current version may be different in some way.

For me the snag is that I don't *want* 50fps, but 25fps. So I'm watching
the current gip list discussions on frame rate conversions. The anoyance
their if if we have to fetch 50fps and files twice the size we want, and
then spend time having to convert them. PITA^2.

Why is it that iPlayer uses various unusual resolutions, rather than
704x576 for SD and 1920x1080 for HD, as for broadcast TV?

960x540 is logical: half HD in both dimensions

1280x720 is the native resolution of a lot of older flat-screen TVs and an
intermediate standard between SD and HD.

But where does 832x468 come from? That's not a simple fraction of either HD
or SD.