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Default iPlayer downloads now only being offered in sd1?

Who says that it was not meant to allow hd downloads though,. For some time
high quality downloads of audio have been available, have they stopped as
well, or are you saying that the good spec was actually not intended to be
use, in which case it was shoddy practice to allow it in the first place.
of course you can watch hd in real time but since these seem to buffer even
on fast connections could it be that the bbc are in fact running out of
online bandwidth?

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"Robin" wrote in message
I don't see how it is a cock-up if the BBC change iPlayer in a way which
(probably accidentally) stops people doing something iPlayer was never
intended to do. I can still watch iPlayer in 1280x720p so it seems to me
it is working as it was meant to.

On 15/04/2018 08:20, Brian Gaff wrote:
But apart from easing the stresses on their servers, what possible point
would there be to this really?
It would seem a retrograde step.
Its more likely the usual cock up that bbc makes when new brooms take
and nobody watches the output properly.
Its a symptom of our modern world, nobody cares at all, just keep
the money till the contract is taken away boys.


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