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Default iPlayer downloads now only being offered in sd1?

On 15/04/2018 04:30, Johnny B Good wrote:
Not one of my Saturday night's selection of downloads included any hd1
(1280 by 720) offerings. Every single last one being sd1 (960 by 540).
Some were expected to be sd1 such as "Dad's Army" and "Insect Worlds"
whilst recently made programmes that would typically be available in hd1
format such as "Gettys: The World's Richest Art Dynasty" (copyright 2018)
were also restricted to sd1 as were repeats that I'd downloaded
previously in hd1 format such as the "From Andy Pandy to Zebedee: The
Golden Age of Children's Television" documentary.

This has been an ongoing subject of discussion in the get-iplayer
mailing lists, particularly in a thread begun my myself entitled ...

Steve Backshall - Nature's Microworlds - 2 Serengeti.mp4, b01l4906

.... wherein my chief complaint is that Episode 1 is available in hlshd,
Ep 2 only in hvfhd, and Ep 3 and since only as hvfxsd! Not even
consistency across a series!

From that discussion, it seems that the only HD mode destined to
survive is hvfhd, and in fact I downloaded the Gettys program overnight
in that format, 2.7GB, 1280x720, 50fps, but haven't watched it yet.