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Default iPlayer downloads now only being offered in sd1?

In article , Johnny B Good
Not one of my Saturday night's selection of downloads included any hd1
(1280 by 720) offerings. Every single last one being sd1 (960 by 540).

I'm not sure, but are you mainly using hls?

My experience thus far is that the 1280x720 25fps versions seem to be
ceasing, but the 50fps versions have been available.[1] I've been using hls
for fetching but I'm not sure if some other transfer method will still get
the 25fps version. Been meaning to ask on the gip list and look at the
table of modes, etc.

The 50fps versions do have 'better' sound, but mean much bigger files.


[1] e.g. the "Young Musician of the Year" progs seem available as the
larger files - which is sensible in these cases to get the best sound.

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