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Default iPlayer downloads now only being offered in sd1?

Not one of my Saturday night's selection of downloads included any hd1
(1280 by 720) offerings. Every single last one being sd1 (960 by 540).
Some were expected to be sd1 such as "Dad's Army" and "Insect Worlds"
whilst recently made programmes that would typically be available in hd1
format such as "Gettys: The World's Richest Art Dynasty" (copyright 2018)
were also restricted to sd1 as were repeats that I'd downloaded
previously in hd1 format such as the "From Andy Pandy to Zebedee: The
Golden Age of Children's Television" documentary.

It looks for all the world as though the iPlayer concession has suddenly
introduced a policy of "No hd1 downloads allowed". I have seen a similar
short changing effect on an irregular and random basis in the past but
repeat requests hours to a day or two later have usually resolved this
issue (but not always, sad to say).

What makes this event out of the ordinary is the fact that all seven
programmes downloaded by get_iplayer were so afflicted by this
restriction. Out of curiosity, I forced a repeat download of the
documentary programme "Living with the Brainy Bunch" which I'd first
downloaded on the 12th in hd1 format. The repeat download was in hd1
format as before, so if there has been a policy change then this result
would seem to be "The exception that proves the rule". More likely though
is that they haven't gotten round to pulling the hd1 version off the
media streamer's file server.

Worryingly, this reduction of download quality seems to have been
building up during the past few weeks where repeat attempts many days
later have still resulted in an sd1 download (aborted by me as soon as I
could see that I was still being fobbed off with a sub standard
definition version).

The most notable recent example of "hd1 failure" being the first "Have I
Got A Bit More News For You" episode of series 55 since the earlier
series downloads during the previous two years or so have all been hd1
downloads. This is the first time since I started downloading this
programme using get_iplayer that I have seen it restricted to sd1 quality.

I take it that I'm not the only one seeing this change for the worse in
regard of iPlayer downloads, just the first to raise the issue in this
news group. Does anyone have any more information about this situation or
any helpful comments to offer?

Johnny B Good