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Default Oxford Local Mux.... Anyone got any information?

My god what a mess. It was oh so easy in the vhf days.

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"Stephen" wrote in message

I had two potential sources of co-channel interference on UHF 29, that
being SDN from Waltham and Crystal Palace's London Mux.

Despite this, I managed to pick up Oxford Mux with some serious kit and
distributed it around my house.

CP's local mux has now moved and the S/N has not improved so I can only
assume SDN at Waltham may have contributed to a poorer S/N.

I also get Sutton Coldfield here too (along with Sandy Heath too) and SC
already uses UHF 46.

Where I live, Hannington is in line with the Oxford TX so I don't rate my
chances of getting Local OXford on UHF 46 much as Hannington wil be using
UHF 46.

However, CP does use UHF 22 for one of its COM muxes but I've never had
any CP channels come through my 4 TV aerials system So I am hopeful I will
be able to pick up Oxford Mux on UHF 22 come 23rd May.


On 14/04/2018 17:30, Mark Carver wrote:
On 13/04/2018 21:55, Stephen wrote:
HI all,

I currently recieve the Local Oxford TV mux on UHF 29 in deepest

According to the DTG Postcode checker:

The one on UHF 29 is moving to UHF 22 and there appears to be a 2nd
Local Oxford TV mux appearing on UHF 46 on the 23rd May.

Is this the introduction of geographic interleaving due to interference
from other transmitters or is there additional channels lauching from
the Oxford TX?

Like the extra L-Mux beam at Sutton Coldfield, (and the extra
transmission of the London local mux from Hemel Hempstead from April
18th) it's an extra beam of the Oxford L-Mux. As it's Ch 46, and
co-channel with COM 6 from Hannington from April 18th, it's unlikely
to be a northwards or southwards beam, so presumably another direction
where 29/22 has a a null ?

I wouldn't worry about it, it'll be the same old crap that is 'That's
insert name of your area'