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Default HD Recorder Advice Please

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Vir Campestris wrote:

Brian Gaff wrote:

I thought recording in hd was prohibuted somehow in the hdmi specs.

There's some quite sophisticated encryption going on in the HDMI chain.
It's been cracked of course - but not by anything that will be easy to
get, and I suspect not by anything legal in the UK.

HDMI splitter

and a dedicated HDMI recorder such as

then edit and store on hard disc, or burn to DVD/BluRay depending on size

Easier to use a USB DVB-T2 decoder and PVR software. That's what I do and
I've never had any restrictions on saving and editing HD video. I've never
tried saving such a recording to DVD or BluRay: I save everything to HDD.
Plex server can play it to a TV via a Roku box.

I notice that my parents' dedicated PVR can export its SD recordings to a
pen drive or other exterrnal disc (as long as it's FAT32 rather than NFTS -
the usual restriction) but the Export option is greyed-out for HD
recordings. I'm not such what the situation is for sub-SD recordings made
from an H264 / DVB-T2 multiplex - is it HD or H264 which is banned? I'll
have to try it.