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On Tue, 10 Apr 2018 17:06:09 +0100, the dog from that film you saw

On 10/04/2018 16:16, Jeff Layman wrote:
For those who have been missing Gotham, Series 4 starts tonight on E4 at

Of course, it will all be a bit confusing as Channel 5 never showed
Series 3. That was aired on Netflix last year - so those watching on
Freeview/Freesat and haven't got Netflix will have a bit of catching up
to do. Unfortunately it seems that, if Series 3 ever appears on
Freeview/Freesat, it will be /after/ Series 4 is shown!

I only found out about it by pure chance when an announcement ad
appeared for it at the end of Countdown today. The bloody Radio Times,
which we buy each week, made no mention of it at all, other than showing
it as "New" in the E4 listing for today.

really enjoying gotham at the moment - it has the silly camp of the 60s
series yet is also rather violent in parts.
it's a big budget show - deserves a 9pm prime time showing on channel 4.

Nah, let's not. But each to their own.