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Default HD Recorder Advice Please

I thought recording in hd was prohibuted somehow in the hdmi specs.

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"Jeff Gaines" wrote in message

I have a much simpler setup than many people in here I'm su

Sky+ HD box
WD TV Live (streams over my home network)
Panasonic DMR-PWT655 DVD/Blu Ray player/HDD Recorder

These all feed into:

Yamaha RX-S601D (AV Amp)

using HDMI

The amp then feeds in to my Panasonic TX-L32E30B TV.

The TV is just used as a monitor and all sound is played through the

The Panasonic HDD recorder only records programmes from its own tuner, you
cannot feed external kit in to it.

Given all that there are occasions when it might be useful to be able to
record a programme on an independent recorder which can also create a DVD
from the recordings (an older Panasonic could do this and record to DVD

The easiest place to insert it in the chain would probably be between the
Yamaha amp and the TV - the AMP has about 6 HDMI inputs but only one

Can I have some advice on what this theoretical bit of kit might be called
please? There seem to be several HD recorders about but I haven't found
any yet that can record to DVD.

Many thanks.

Jeff Gaines Wiltshire UK
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