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Default The Great DVB-T switch off?

"Mark Carver" wrote in message
On 07/04/2018 15:55, Graham. wrote:

Is it true there is a plan in place to move everything to T2 by 2020?

2020 would be too early I think, but I'm sure there's a plan being drafted
out at present, in the meantime plenty of speculation to keep us all

Turning off DVB-T after only about 20 years, and making people buy *another*
new TV and PVR (assuming they were early adopters who bought DVB-T-only
equipment) is going to be a very difficult one to "sell" to the public.

If existing equipment could be made to work with a firmware update, that
would be great, but for most people, they will need a completely new TV
(including display) and PVR (including HDD, and menu-driven recording)
simply because one component (the DVB decoder) cannot handle DVB-T2.

Set-top boxes are fine as an alternative for televisions, but not for PVRs
because there is no way for the timer-recording functionality of the PVR to
send a "change to channel 1" instruction to the STB so you can never record
from various different channels from unattended timer events. (*) You'd
think that there would have been an industry-standard communications
protocol built into SCART and HDMI for any TV/PVR to send "turn on/off, tune
to channel n" instructions to any STB - right from the days of VHS recorders
and analogue cable decoders and through all the subsequent new technology.

(*) I had a VHS VCR that had an IR transmitter that could send control
signals to an STB, providing they were somehow positioned in line of sight
(ie facing each other!!!) - but it only supported a variety of
pre-configured STBs, and the one that I had (a Jerrold, provided by
Bracknell cable TV) was not on the list. You'd think they would have made
the VCR so it could learn the codes from the STB's remote and then emit them
after that, so as to support *any* STB.