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Default The Great DVB-T switch off?

On 07/04/2018 16:42, Brian-Gaff wrote:
Yes which is why I'm a bit annoyed that after digitalisation they seem to
have conveniently forgotten blind users and we will have to buy a tv even if
we don't need the picture at all or buy some overpriced box that is
ridiculously out of date.
The fact is that there are many people who will not want to get a new tv,
and a box with accessible menus would do nicely.

You will just have to replace your DVB-T STB or PVR with a DVB-T2 one
(like the rest of us). After you've persuaded someone to make one with
talking menus &c. No need for a TV unless you want sighted
family/friends to use it.

Max Demian