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Default The Great DVB-T switch off?

Yes which is why I'm a bit annoyed that after digitalisation they seem to
have conveniently forgotten blind users and we will have to buy a tv even if
we don't need the picture at all or buy some overpriced box that is
ridiculously out of date.
The fact is that there are many people who will not want to get a new tv,
and a box with accessible menus would do nicely.

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Graham. wrote:

Is it true there is a plan in place to move everything to T2 by 2020?

I've not heard of an actual plan, but I suspect there's an inkling that
they'd keep one DVB-T1 mux with all the PSB channels for the luddites,
then convert the rest to DVB-T2, which would increase bandwidth per mux
and cut down on the wasted bandwidth by SD+HD duplicate channels, probably
lose the temporary COM7/COM8 muxes.