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Default Has Com78 National (Ch56) from Rowridge changed?

On 07/04/2018 11:48, Jeff Layman wrote:
A couple of weeks ago I posted that for some reason my Panasonic PVR
could still pick up Com78 on CH56 using the Group A 18-element loft
aerial. Under the same conditions, the Panasonic TV couldn't see Com78.

Yesterday (before retuning to get the 4 April changes), I had a look at
the Com78 signal strength and quality on the PVR's setup menu. It was
interesting that the signal strength bar was showing 6-7, and quality
was 5 or 6 with a yellow bar. The picture and sound were normal on
CBeebies HD and BBC4 HD. I just retuned, and now Com78 is down in
quality. CBeebies is still showing 6 or 7 for strength, but quality is
at 1 in red (sometimes it gets to 2).* Strangely, most of the time the
picture and sound are fine.

For clarity, there are two muxes;

COM 7 which is currently still on UHF Ch 31 from Rowridge, but moves to
UHF Ch 55 on May 2nd. COM 7 carries BBC News HD, (and other stuff)

COM 8 which moved on March 21st from Ch 37 to Ch 56. COM 8 carries
BBC 4 HD and Cebeebies HD (and other stuff)

So by May 2nd, both these muxes will be out of range for Group A, and
as a double whammy the transmitting aerial at Rowridge is only half way
up the mast, making them doubly unreceivable.

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