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Default Has Com78 National (Ch56) from Rowridge changed?

Its all down to signal to noise I'd imagine. If the noise is high, then the
digital signal is below the level that can be detected. This is the problem
with digital, although noisy, you could still watch snowy analogue tv, but
digital is a whole other thing.
Same goes for dab of course.

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"Jeff Layman" wrote in message
A couple of weeks ago I posted that for some reason my Panasonic PVR could
still pick up Com78 on CH56 using the Group A 18-element loft aerial. Under
the same conditions, the Panasonic TV couldn't see Com78.

Yesterday (before retuning to get the 4 April changes), I had a look at
the Com78 signal strength and quality on the PVR's setup menu. It was
interesting that the signal strength bar was showing 6-7, and quality was
5 or 6 with a yellow bar. The picture and sound were normal on CBeebies HD
and BBC4 HD. I just retuned, and now Com78 is down in quality. CBeebies is
still showing 6 or 7 for strength, but quality is at 1 in red (sometimes
it gets to 2). Strangely, most of the time the picture and sound are

I still find it amazing that the PVR can deal with a signal with as poor a
quality as this, which the TV can't even see!