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Default Retune for Ch. 10

"Brian Gaff" wrote in message
Does this apply everywhere, and what does this do for SD only tvs and

The issue with changeover from one version of ITV3 to the other, and the
later retune message, will affect all transmitters simultaneously - I can't
think of any reason why it would be transmitter-specific.

Since the move was from one DVB-T mux (COM6, I think) to another (PSB2) it
would affect all TVs, whether they are capable of DVB-T only, or capable of
DVB-T and DVB-T2.

The change in resolution was from 544x576 (what I think of as sub-SD) to
720x576 (true SD), so not an upgrade from SD (which can use either DVB-T or
DVB-T2) to HD (which must use DVB-T2).