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On 05/04/2018 21:12, Pinnerite wrote:

I had to sell the Jag (I kept bumping into things) and bought a narrower
car. A Kia Niro. It comes with Tom Tom installed. I was horrified.
I had experienced using it in Australia. You'd get 'turn right now' with
pre-warning and when you were in the central lane of multi-lane highway.
Same here.

The Jag would give you 'Turn right sooon' and only later 'Turn right

I always check the route on Google maps now before I go anywhere.

A few years ago down near here in Wool, Dorset, there was a flash and bang
at the station, followed by a plume of smoke that could be seen for miles

A car had turned left on the level crossing and driven up the track into
the station until it met the third rail. Fortunately the couple in the car
escaped injury.

It was thought that the driver, an older man, followed instructions on his
sat-nav as immediately after the crossing is a left turn into the village.

It is hard to imagine how anyone can generally drive safely (ie they not so
blind or stupid that they collide at every junction), and yet once in a blue
moon they manage to drive along a railway line at a level crossing or turn
the wrong way on a motorway, or confuse the accelerator and footbrake when
manoeuvring in a supermarket car park, catapulting their car into a shop
window... or another person/car.

There have been occasions when I've been *about* to turn into a one-way
street or up someone's drive instead of a road - often because of confusing
signs that I've mis-read. But the difference is that I stop myself *before*
I actually do turn along something which is clearly not a road, even if I've
indicated and slowed down in advance. It is the "continue blindly even when
it's wrong" that sorts the safe from the unsafe drivers.

I would say that anyone who *continues* to drive the wrong way on a motorway
and doesn't immediately recognise that fact and pull over to sort themselves
out, is someone who should never drive again. Anyone can make a mistake; not
realising that it is a mistake is the sin.