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Default Retune for Ch. 10

"Davey" wrote in message
Usually, when there is a retune needed, I see warnings for a few days
beforehand. But last night, with no warning, we were told to retune if
we wanted to continue to watch Ch. 10, ITV3. I did, and it worked.
This is for Tacolneston.

I tried another TV set this morning, and got the same message.
Why no pre-warning, I wonder?

I was surprised that there was very little pre-warning for ITV3. They
introduced the 720x576 version of ITV3 (initially as LCN 788) while leaving
the 544x576 version on LCN 10, with no trailers that I saw about "coming
soon - a higher-resolution version". Then they swapped over the LCNs so 10
now pointed to the 720 version and 788 to the 544 version, before putting up
the "you must retune" caption on 788.

As soon as the 720 version came on line (I heard about it on and I'd confirmed that
it was stable, I swapped over the channel numbers on my PVR computer (I use
Next PVR) and set the EPG source for 788 to "none" so any advance recordings
would only record the 720 and not, by accident, the 544 version. In other
words, I anticipated the official swapping of 10 and 788 by several weeks