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On 05/04/2018 21:12, Pinnerite wrote:

I had to sell the Jag (I kept bumping into things) and bought a
narrower car. A Kia Niro. It comes with Tom Tom installed. I was
horrified. I had experienced using it in Australia. You'd get 'turn
right now' with no
pre-warning and when you were in the central lane of multi-lane
highway. Same here.

That's very odd. Both my Tom Toms warn at 2/3 mile and 1/3 mile.

My stand alone TomTom did that as well, it was excellent and didn't
get me lost ever. I had a car with a built in TomTom though and it
persisted in calling a roundabout in Salisbury a "junction" - and it
showed on the TomTom map as a junction. It had been a roundabout for
at least 12 years at the time. I think the built in ones have very
old maps and software and. even if you can afford the horrendous
update costs you still don't get what a sub £100 TomTom would give

When I was a member of a TomTom forum, there were lots of complaints
about failure of TomTom devices to accept, or even seek, updates that
had been part of the purchase promises. There were so many complaints
about TomTom's lack of customer service that it took the forum down,
citing 'lack of interest'!