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Default satellite navigation

Until July I ran a 15 year old S-Type Jaguar. It's satnav was considerably
out of date. When I checked with Jaguar they wanted £150 for a new disc.

A couple of years later I found a site that did one year old ones for £25.
That was fine and worked very well.

I had to sell the Jag (I kept bumping into things) and bought a narrower
car. A Kia Niro. It comes with Tom Tom installed. I was horrified.
I had experienced using it in Australia. You'd get 'turn right now' with no
pre-warning and when you were in the central lane of multi-lane highway.
Same here.

The Jag would give you 'Turn right sooon' and only later 'Turn right now'.

I always check the route on Google maps now before I go anywhere.

Mageia 5.1 for x86_64, Kernel:4.4.114-desktop-1.mga5
KDE version 4.14.5 on an AMD Phenom II X4 Black edition.