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On 31/03/2018 00:33, Dave W wrote:
On 30/03/2018 23:13, Andy Burns wrote:
Dave W wrote:

I don't know why they couldn't have put the new
phone allocation at the top of the UHF band instead of the middle

Channels 61 to 69 a the top end have already been given over to 4G,
now they're coming back for a second bite for 5G from 49 to 60, TV has
to be squeezed in 21 to 48.

Does that mean that channels 55 & 56 are only temporary, and when we
have to tune lower down maybe a group 'A' aerial will work again?

They are temporary until after the next but one election, at which point
terrestrial broadcasting will be reduced to one mux carrying the five
basic channels on a national SFN.
Objectors will be hushed and told that since 'everyone' has fast
internet and/or satellite they should use that. Their comments will not
be reported by the mainstream media. Since from 2020 onwards all
internet messages will be scrutinised for hate speech by a robot sensor
the only available medium will be the walls of public lavatories, the
graffitists wearing a balaclava and Corbyn mask. Dissent about the
effective end of terrestrial broadcasting will be classed as hate speech
(Public Order Act 2022) and anyone speaking out of place will be locked up.