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Default Humax freeview to freesat

On Tue, 27 Mar 2018 15:45:35 +0100, Geo

On Mon, 26 Mar 2018 17:02:08 +0100, Mike wrote:

Hi all,
havin had a Humax freeview receiver for some years now (and being very
satisfied with it) I decided to get a Humax sat receiver (Foxsat
This new (to me) box seems really slow to respond when in Freesat mode
(just changing up and down channels and along the timeline). So slow,
in fact that I'm considering getting rid of it.
When in non freesat mode it is quicker but still a bit sluggish.
Anyone else had this problem?

Are you talking about when looking at the EPG?
If so keep an eye on the text at the top right of the screen which
probably says something like "Receiving programme information".
You may also notice no sound or background picture until the updating
has finished - then the remote cursor action returns to normal speed.

Yes, as you say, when looking at the EPG.

It displays "Receiving programme information" for ages, something like
two hours and then it does become a bit more responsive but it's still
really slow compared to my Humax freeview reciever, which is virtually

I think I might sell it and go back to my cheapy (intended for a
caravan) sat receiver.

The other dissapointment about it is that since I updated the firmware
to the latest version the video output via SCART has shifted the image
on the screen to the right about 20mm. which is rather annoying.

- Mike