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Default No Sunday programmes in Freeview Play?

Hmm, well the BBC seem to have a logic that defies logic quite often, but
most programs are still ther on i player for web site users and even for
some third party apps, I suggest its something else that has resulted in
this and what they say is just an excuse.

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"Jeff Layman" wrote in message
Well, I've got a decent AV amp and speakers connected to the TV, and I
sometimes listen to live radio programmes through it. I thought I could do
the same with a programme only a couple of days old, but it appears not. I
have just come across this on an iPlayer help page at

"Can I listen to BBC iPlayer Radio on my TV device?

Our BBC iPlayer Radio app isn't available on TVs any more. This is because
we've noticed that radio and TV content are accessed differently, so they
should be treated differently. "

It seems that only Radio 1 is partially available on iPlayer because it
has a video channel associated with it.

I just checked on FreeviewPlay again, and no radio programmes are
available on it. As it happens, last Sunday is still not showing for TV or
radio, but even though Saturday and Monday show, there are no radio
channels available to listen to, only TV channels to watch.



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