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Default BBC News CHannel 107

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Mark Carver wrote:
On 26/03/2018 17:40, charles wrote:

Charles will know perhaps ?

Before my time - Once Rowridge came on, there would have been appaling
adjacent channel interference, but pre-Rowridge it might have been
possible. In the 405 days - who knows.

My grandfather in Chichester received BBC TV from Ally Pally early 50s,
before Rowridge came on stream. He had a monster 4 element Band I ch 1
yagi on the chimney, with guy ropes to the ground !

I could get Rowridge here in a strong CP area.

VHF or UHF ?

I put the aerial up because Southern had better films than LOndon.

Wasn't that using Hannington, or did you also get Southern ITV from
Chillerton Down Ch 11 pre UHF ?

yep on 405 (Southern - not TVS). and yes to Hannington, too. the aerial is
still up, but disconnected. The whole lot may have to be replaced to cope
with the new CP channels

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