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Default BBC News CHannel 107

Rediffusion used to have a receiving tower on the downs so they could feed
London to the south coast

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"Mark Carver" wrote in message
On 26/03/2018 15:22, Andrew wrote:

A few houses on the Northern fringes of the sussex village where
I live seem to have aerials pointing along the line of stane
street. This is the Roman road to Londinium, so presumably CP,
because I cannot think of any transmitters in the 37 miles
between me and CP.

One of them now has one of those Tri-boom wideband jobs on
a wavy, wibbly wobbly pole in the garden. It has white
coax so presumably a diy job.

I didn't think we could get CP down here, but they are on high
ground, while I only have line of sight to Midhurst. Grrr.

Oooh, I'm told back in the analogue days, CP was receivable in Selsey
and the Witterings ?

Charles will know perhaps ?

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