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Default Dressing drama sets with tech


Mine is a Thinks.
I do know that quite a few old vcrs by Philips sony and others are now
owned by set dressing companies as they are getting hard to find to fit in
with the so called period of the set. I can almost see the folk looking at
their hd displays and saying, that Sanyo model came out two years to late to
be in this set!


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"Adrian Caspersz" wrote in message
I regularly watch Holby (er, shoot me now...). They seem to have bought in
the guys who dress up the shop displays in Ikea.

Some time ago I noticed a Shuttle 'cube' PC case, sitting lost on a
bookcase - no monitor, no keyboard. Perhaps it's a midi hifi system?

Last week, Guy Henry's character (a pedantic swede of taste for things
exact and expensive) placed, horror of horrors, a stylus upon a vinyl
record and enjoyed some classical music at his abode.

The turntable make was clearly visible.


Yes, really?

Adrian C