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Default retune xtal Pallace on non hd

No point, Its knackered.
I have several of the remotes all with different faults in non working
buttons stuck buttons and spontaneously operating buttons. its the
conductive gunk they put in the rubber that dries out and falls into the pit
where the contacts are either clogging it up or shorting it out. Bring back
proper click buttons I say.

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"Max Demian" wrote in message
On 24/03/2018 09:51, Brian Gaff wrote:
I can confirm that we have lost no sd channels as yet here on my old
goodmans box.
However the remote control for this box has failed in that its setting
random buttons like the up and down channel selector or the on and off
This does make it somewhat odd to use.
I'm sure the makers of remote controls make them out of crap.

Change the batteries!

Take them out for a few hours, then replace them!

Max Demian