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Default The BBC have (22 hours ago) screwed GIP's search functions yet again!

In article , Johnny B Good
I'll just have to grit my teeth (like everyone else) and work around the
problem until an update to the PPA is picked up by Linux Mint's
software updater.

If the problem has been fixed upstream can you not simply fetch the gip
code from there and use that? I run xfce mint and do that when I want the
latest version. I've not needed to use the mint repos, so don't have to
wait for them to update.

BTW Not quite "everyone". I've always used the method of listing the pids
and fetching via pid. This seems to work regardless of the BBC altering the
negotiations needed to 'scrape' the info from their pages in an automated
manner. I just use mark 1 eyeball to look at the shedules pages and use the
entries as shown by my browser to type in the pids I want.


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