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Default The BBC have (22 hours ago) screwed GIP's search functions yetagain!

On Thu, 22 Mar 2018 23:14:13 +0000, Johnny B Good wrote:

Pretty well as per the subject:

Following up on the above, I discovered an issue with retrieving news
headers (Pan) about an hour after sending the OP. Usenet was effectively
dead to me. I assumed either a DNS issue or a problem with VM's news
server. However, Linux Mint's software updater was also having problems
so I decided to check the SH2 modem/router status which looked good
before I decided to reboot it which made no difference to the issue I
was seeing. Even power cycling the Netgear 8 port GBe switch (which can
sometimes create some oddball networking issues from time to time) made
no change.

As far as I could see, everything at my end was working ok (I'd already
successfully pinged google's DNS server at so it looked like
there was something gone wrong with my ISP (VM) in the wee small hours of
this morning. Having seen the replies here, I've just checked GiP again
and I still see the same symptoms reported in the squarepenguin forum.
I'll just have to grit my teeth (like everyone else) and work around the
problem until an update to the PPA is picked up by Linux Mint's software

Thanks to everyone for the replies, BTW. :-)

Johnny B Good