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Brian Gaff
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Default The BBC have (22 hours ago) screwed GIP's search functions yet again!

The other day as you will know, they mangled the feeds to radio stations for
some software, and only noticed when one of the authors rang them and told
them. I do often wonder if all this is just the fact that they have no idea
what they are doing nor do they ever check anything but a rudimentary local

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"Johnny B Good" wrote in message
Pretty well as per the subject:

I can still download by pid but it's now quite obvious that the Beeb has
done something that neutralises the last GIP work around to previous
similar show stopping changes. This change appears to have happened
around about 2am today (Thursday the 22nd of March 2018 for the record).

I'd noticed the problem earlier this afternoon trying to fetch a couple
of programmes that Kaffeine had recorded 5 minute snippets of as reminder/
placeholders. I used the usual pid work around whenever such random
refusals occur and settled on a "Wait and see" approach to see whether it
was just another temporary glitch or a deliberate change in the workings
of the Beeb's iPlayer franchise.

It's only now (I'd had an afternoon dental appointment for a filling
which kept my mind off the business of iPlayer downloads), about 22:15
that I was reminded that there was trouble in paradise between the Beeb
and GIP. I'm posting this information to get it on the record and to
verify that I'm not alone in this and also to see whether there are any
better quick 'n' dirty work around solutions than using the --pid fall
back option that I can try.

I dare say an update to GiP will eventually appear "As If By Magic" in a
day or two's time since the --pid command still functions as before for
programmes aired after 2am today. In this business, 23 hours (now), is a
more than ample period of mourning for the 'death of a GiP work around'
so the sooner we start discussing the next one, the better it is for
everyone concerned.

Johnny B Good