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On 22/03/2018 01:44, Bill Wright wrote:

Ice on the inside of the bedroom window,

Pretty fern patterns left by Jack Frost. Warming an old penny in your
hands and pressing it to the frosty pane to make a spy hole.

biking three miles to school
through snowdrifts six feet high then getting thrashed for having wet

I quite liked walking the half mile to school from the age of four and a
half; my mother used to see me across the main road outside our house.
There was a water splash on the way; fortunately a pedestrian bridge as

going to the doctors and having to sit in a waiting room on a
hard bench feeling giddy because of the fag smoke, then being told your
rickets were growing pains

NHS doctors making home visits as a matter of routine. I don't think I
ever saw the inside of a surgery - not that I was often sick as a child.

Max Demian