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Oh dear I wonder what they think were the good times then.
It was not the convergence but the purity that was affected by magnetic
fields and it was usually not the earth that was to blame it was a speaker
or somewhere a lump of iron.
They did not mention windscreen wipers that operated from the vacuum of the
engine pistons though did they, or trafficators that were mechanical arms
with bulbs in to indicate which way you were turning that used to shoot off
when the screw got loose, or the Mini that was so close to the ground that
you often hit the road or their hydrolastic suspension that was always
losing pressure and thumping you down with no springs.
Then there was of course dripping in the fridge which gran kept for years
and spread it on bread.
How many people grease their hair now and need an antimacaser on the sofa
to stop it staining where the head rests and those sausage shaped things we
had to put under doors to stop the draughts in winter etc.
Those were the good old days them were.

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"Bill Wright" wrote in message
30 valves, 400watts, took two men to carry, then they had to spend half an
afternoon setting up the convergence. But it was affected by the earth's
magnetic field so if the customer moved the set at all it all had to be
done again.
I'm so glad I lived long enough to escape from all that 1960s ****e.
Bloody cassette recorders and 33rpm LPs (one scratch and it's ****ed), and
AM radio and white bread that made a ball in your mouth and made you puke
it out, and margarine was was like spreading a mixture of lard and engine
oil on your ****ing white Mother's Pride bread, and Camp 'Coffee' made
from bloody acorns or something, and tinned condensed milk, and tyres that
didn't last 5,000 miles, and vans that stopped if it rained, with no
screenwashers or power steering or seat belts or effective heater, and a
dynamo that produced 22A max so in winter you had to connect a battery
charger overnight and...