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On 22/03/2018 01:33, Bill Wright wrote:
30 valves, 400watts, took two men to carry, then they had to spend half
an afternoon setting up the convergence. But it was affected by the
earth's magnetic field so if the customer moved the set at all it all
had to be done again.
I'm so glad I lived long enough to escape from all that 1960s ****e.
Bloody cassette recorders and 33rpm LPs (one scratch and it's ****ed),
and AM radio and white bread that made a ball in your mouth and made you
puke it out, and margarine was was like spreading a mixture of lard and
engine oil on your ****ing white Mother's Pride bread,* and Camp
'Coffee' made from bloody acorns or something, and tinned condensed
milk, and tyres that didn't last 5,000 miles, and vans that stopped if
it rained, with no screenwashers or power steering or seat belts or
effective heater, and a dynamo that produced 22A max so in winter you
had to connect a battery charger overnight and...


Have you been on the Ribena
Never touch the stuff
Ice on the inside of the bedroom window, biking three miles to school
through snowdrifts six feet high then getting thrashed for having wet
clothes, going to the doctors and having to sit in a waiting room on a
hard bench feeling giddy because of the fag smoke, then being told your
rickets were growing pains