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Default Crystal Palace retune confusion

On 21/03/2018 09:22, Brian Gaff wrote:
Who the heck knows. I assume if we do not have boxes that can handle hd,
then no retuning is needed. That is a heck of a move up in frequency for
anyone using less than broad band aerials. i can see tears in some peoples
future tonight.

Is this a first world problem ?.

Those of us stuck with Midhurst don't have a COM7 or 8
(if there is I can't find it), and Rowridge and
Hannington are over-the-hill and more than50 miles

I retuned my HD FOX T2 and Samsumg smart tv and all
that has changed is, well nothing of note really. Still
no BBC4 HD.

The channels on C29 are struggling where I live, but
an external aerial will fix that, one day.