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Default Blackhill return confusion

On 21/03/2018 10:48, Scott wrote:
On Wed, 21 Mar 2018 10:27:35 +0000, Mark Carver

On 21/03/2018 10:04, Scott wrote:
I would ask a similar question to Max about Blackhill.

At the moment COM7 and COM8 are on channels 32 and 35. Will these be
moving up to the mid fifties, and if so why if they are clearing the
top part of the band?

Yes, Black Hill COM 7 and 8 will move to 55/56 in September this year.

Why can't they stay where they are? Presumably because it's a SFN, I

Nationally COM 7 and 8 are in the 500 MHz band (Ch 31-37). Those
allocations are where many (several hundred) other transmitters
are having/have just moved one of more of the main six muxes.

That's why COM 7/8 have to move out of the way

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