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Default Crystal Palace retune confusion

Who the heck knows. I assume if we do not have boxes that can handle hd,
then no retuning is needed. That is a heck of a move up in frequency for
anyone using less than broad band aerials. i can see tears in some peoples
future tonight.

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"Max Demian" wrote in message

This morning, I couldn't receive COM7 or COM8 at all, so I retuned.

According to the web page, COM7 (e.g. Channel 4+1 HD) is changing from UHF
33 to 55. Actually it's now 32.

Also, COM8 (e.g. CBeebies HD) is changing from UHF 35 to 56. Actually it's
now 34.

Both are strength 38%, quality 100% (on My Humax Fox) - the others are

Have they changed their plans, or will I have to retune again later today?

Max Demian