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Back in the day I did as i had a set which could have its if switched
separately to its tuner and pos/neg modulation. It was quite snowy and most
of the time merely had some kind of test pattern on it.

I suppose if we had had access to a proper fm demodulator for it, it might
have been better. It must have been back in the 1970s which seems ages ago
now. I can well remember the very first time I found sporadic E with an old
receiver and with a bit of wire on the shed roof Sveridge's Radio test card
was there on a band 1 channel. Amazing really.
Now hat have we got, nothing much, Still since I could not see it I guess
its just as well. I still have some Polaroid's of the test cards.

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"Bill Wright" wrote in message
On 18/03/2018 08:41, Brian Gaff wrote:
Yes and nowadays of course the signal breaks up a bit with bloccky stuff
vanishes altogether.
Does anyone recall that Indian satellite that did direct broadcast on
using fm, but could be resolved by slope detection using an am receiver.
was actually only seeable for a short time when it was under test before
its final positioning unfortunately.
It was way over the top end onf band five.

Times have certainly changed. Brian

I remember it but don't know of anyone in the UK receiving it.