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On Sat, 17 Mar 2018 15:56:18 +0000
Bill Wright wrote:

When we had analogue TV and the signal to noise ratio was poor we
would say the picture was snowy.

When we had satellite TV with FM video and the signal to noise ratio
was poor we would say the picture had sparklies. They were white or
black. You had to tune the receiver to the midpoint where the white
and black were about the same intensity.

On modern HD CCTV snow can look like sparkles. Not at all like
'snow'! We should have called 'snow' sparklies. But how were we to

Anyway, I well remember the excitement when I first dragged in a
feeble CNN from 27.5W, sometime in the 1980s. I used to watch CNN a
lot after that, then it was fascinating meeting some of the people
I'd seen on screen when years later I worked for CNN at their various
London premises.


The time that I most appreciated CNN was when I stayed at the Shanghai
Sheraton for one night instead of the Chinese Guest House that we were
staying in for the duration while I was working there. This was in
December 1988.
The Guest house had several Chinese-language stations, including one
that showed the News in English at 11 pm every evening.