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Default Paranoia or real effect?

This is Kingston upon Thames.
However, I wondered if maybe its possible to somehow tune into the channel
on a scanner and listen for the usual flutter on the signal as its really
just multipath cancelling or adding to the signal as the plane reflection

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"R. Mark Clayton" wrote in message
On Sunday, 11 March 2018 11:07:04 UTC, Brian Gaff wrote:
I was talking to somebody a week or so back who swears their freeview
blacky and stutters whenever a plane from Heathrow goes over.

In Yorkshire.

Now in the good old analogue days you could detect aircraft flutter
easily, how would you go about it on a digital system. I did not rise to
bait of suggesting I go around as to be honest there would be little I

We are after all in a very strong signal area here, and I'd have thought
most unlikely that a properly installed aerial would have this problem,
which leaves either paranoia or a faulty installation.


Perhaps s/he has Freesat and is very close to the airport. Can't see a
mechanism otherwise.