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Default The inteligence of pizza delivery drivers.

You may say that, but a friend of mine has the same post code as the railway
station at Chessington south.
I am not sure how these things are calculated.

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I live in a block of flats and my address is XX Something Drive, cos they
have just numbered the 9 flats in the block as a continuation of the


Provided the numbers are in a logical place in the sequence of road
address numbering. that shouldn't be a problem. When I was a teenager
with a paper round I had a block like that on my round, and I had no
trouble delivering papers to the three flats that had ordered them.

There are more confusing addresses around. Near where I am living now,
there is a road where the houses on one side have a different street name
to the houses on the other side. Depending on which map you buy, the road
between the two has one name printed or the other. Novice postmen must be
eternally grateful for modern postcodes!