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Default The inteligence of pizza delivery drivers.

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I'm standing at the door talking to somebody on a block of flats in
a council estate, they are all called something house wotsit court
etc all with names of ex council leaders or smart ass developers.
Along comes this guy with a pizza and asks with a slight accident.
Is this Basketball court.
I look at him, well in his direction and say, now does it look like
one, its a block of flats.

I live in a block of flats and my address is XX Something Drive, cos
they have just numbered the 9 flats in the block as a continuation of
the street numbers.


My house is called Something House, at the end of Something Lane. We
often get drivers trying to deliver items for one of the neighbours in
the same road, but they apparently cannot see the name of our house,
which is in raised letters, in a colour that contrasts with the
background, and whose letters are about 8 inches tall, and right next
to the door. Despite all that, they are amazed when we hand the item
back to them, pointing out the house name with a short movement of the