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Default Upgrading Tivo to VM 6 box

On 08/03/2018 17:04, David wrote:

It does, however, have a 500 GB HDD (new one has 1TB). Has anyone removed
the HDD from a Tivo and got it to work in a PC (I'm not after the
contents, just a reformat and use the drive).

I haven't tried it myself (because I have never had a Tivo), but hard
drives are either IDE (connected by a ribbon cable) or SATA (connected
by a thinner cable and a smaller plug). Both types have also a power
connection to make it spin.

The only exception to this I have found is a DELL laptop which had an
extended IDE connector which also delivered power.

I would expect the Tivo to have a SATA disc. You probably won't be able
to read the contents of the drive with the Tivo recordings on it, but
you will be able to reformat the drive and use it either inside your
computer, or in a caddy which has a USB connection to your computer.

500Gb is a decent size, and certainly worth rescuing.