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Default Upgrading Tivo to VM 6 box

"David" wrote in message
I'm just starting this process; I've received all the bits and the
instructions and am reading through them.

First thing; I've been given an SH3 as an upgrade to my original SH.
read bad things about the SH3 and am reasonably happy with the 160
I currently get from my SH. I could go to 200 Mb/sec with the SH3
but if
there are intermittent problems then it may not be worth it. Anyone

Secondly, Virgin don't want the original Tivo back. t should be
It does, however, have a 500 GB HDD (new one has 1TB). Has anyone
the HDD from a Tivo and got it to work in a PC (I'm not after the
contents, just a reformat and use the drive).

The new box is a bit of a puzzle.

It doesn't seem to have a card slot like the old one (I assumed that
would just swap the card over). I have to phone to activate it.

The connector on the back is BNC like a TV aerial with an adapter to
the F
connector on the co-ax lead. I always thought that the F connector
was the
better option so I have no idea why this is the set up (unless it is
American thing).

Anyway, if anyone has travelled this route before me then tips and
would be welcome.

The HDD can be removed and reused. They are usually good ones like
Hitachi, Seagate, or if you are lucky WD and will be SATA.


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